Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Our last day started with a walk through Greenside Lead Mine

Countryside blasted by use of water, lead mining started here as long ago as 1690 and didn't cease till as late as 1961
Once again as we head to higher ground mist envelopes us above 2000 feet

This is me walking along Swirral Edge !!!!! Oh yes i am there !!!! Martin panicked and we had to turn back, the big softy !!!
This is what Swirral Edge really looks like, so you can see just how bad visibility really was.

A yew tree at St. Peter's church in martindale, the one just up the valley at St. Martins us supposed to be 1200 years old

A lovely church dating back to 1880, good to see doors left unlocked
Well that's my little holiday in the lakes at an end and now for the long trip home. As always safety first, seat belts to be worn at all times !!!

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