Tuesday, 30 November 2010


A lighter day planned today before the real expedition of climbing Scafel Pike tommorrow, the largest mountain in the country. A short drive to Portingscale and a walk along the River Derwent. Clearly seen is the flood damage done in this years floods.
Here is an old railway bridge probably closed by Beecher, but washed away sometime between then and now. Thank goodness the weather hasn't washed away all the bridges. Our ultimate goal today is Dodd Wood. Which overlooks lake Bassenthwaite. Which, for you trivia buffs, is the only lake in lakeland. All the other bodies of water being tarn's, water,s and mere's. The real reason for walking through this woodland is the ospreys. Protected by law a nesting pair live in this woodland, guarded day and night, but also filmed. Check out http://www.ospreywatch.co.uk/. A beautiful creature that feeds on fish from the lake. Just an idea of the size here i am infront of a lifesize image. A bird with the same size body as me with a wingspan of 6ft. Thank goodness they only eat fish !!! Just to give you an idea of size here's a nest.

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