Tuesday, 30 November 2010


"The difference between a hill and a mountain depends on appearance, not on altitude ( whatever learned authorities may say to the contrary ) and is thus arbitrary and a matter of personal opinion. Grass predominates on a hill, rock on a mountain. A hill is smooth a mountain rough. In the case of scafell Pike opinions must agree that here is a mountain without doubt, and a mountain that is more over every inch a mountain. Roughness and ruggedness are the necessary attributes and The Pike has these in greater measure than other high ground in the country, which is just as it should be, for there is no higher ground in the country than this." These are the words of Alfred Wainwright, and how true they are. As you can see the mountain top mist has followed us !!! That peak in front shrouded in mist is Seathwaite Fell. At 1970 feet it is 1240 feet below our destination. It's gonna be FOGGY up there !!! Here i am, swimming again, this time in Styhead Tarn. At 1500 feet more than a hour into the expedition and not even half way up. A stretcher point at about 1600 feet. Let's just hope Pud doesn't need it later. This picture is at about 2900 feet. Believe it or not i am there, on top of the rock, and another 310 feet to go. At last we're there three hours in. Here i am officially the highest dog in the country at 3210 feet. On the descent just time for a swim in the wonderfully named Sparkling Tarn. A six hour expedition a mighty achievement for man or dog.

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