Thursday, 25 March 2010


Pud has a day off work, which always means a good walk. Today his pals from work are taking Sid the Labradoodle and Abraham the Bassett to Langsett Reservoir, so we just say we'll meet them there, so it's O.S. map out and off we go....
First it's down by Gunthwaite top farm following Barnsley Boundary Walk signs.

Then at Ingbirchworth we follow the Penistone Boundary Walk signsUp past the windmillsThrough Bullhouse Mill over the river donWhen you get to the main Manchester road it's a road walk straight to the picturesque Langsett Reservoir
Then it's a walk round the res with the gang, here we are me on the left Sid on the right, and the highly UN - trained and UN - responsive Abraham in the middle

Not sure what Sid is thinking he's doing to Abraham !!! Even less sure what Danny ( that's him on the right ) is finding so funny !!!


Here i am with my mad mate Madison. A grand looking dog.

For all intensive purposes, by looking at her, a very normal, sound, cute, stable dog.
Don't you believe it, the only dog on our fair planet that comes with a nut allergy, nuttier than a fruit cake. She actually thinks she's Susan and Paul's baby !!! Saying that i think Susan and Paul think so too !!! So all three take it in turns to visit the doggy psychiatrist's sofa.
But before then there's always time for an ice cream. Oh yeah talking of nuts there's Jane with me on the right, she's a nutty Geordie !!!


It may seem a while before the start of my beloved cricket season, but just look what they are doing. A brand new pavilion. Here's an early stage -
Next stage, keep watching for further progress.


You hear about certain people, you know the ones. Dog falls in icy water, human fool jumps in after dog, human dies dog gets out and wonders what all the fuss is all about, human becomes just another statistic !!!
Well here we are Pud ( the idiot ) puts tennis ball on ice. I fetch it just about managing to hang on.

Sid decides to come and see if i need a hand and the combined weight spell disaster, sink quicker than the titanic !!!

Worry not though we weren't far from the edge so Pud tiptoed along the ice to our rescue, just as he got to us the ice broke, he got a drenching and we climbed out FUNNY !!!!