Tuesday, 30 November 2010


"The difference between a hill and a mountain depends on appearance, not on altitude ( whatever learned authorities may say to the contrary ) and is thus arbitrary and a matter of personal opinion. Grass predominates on a hill, rock on a mountain. A hill is smooth a mountain rough. In the case of scafell Pike opinions must agree that here is a mountain without doubt, and a mountain that is more over every inch a mountain. Roughness and ruggedness are the necessary attributes and The Pike has these in greater measure than other high ground in the country, which is just as it should be, for there is no higher ground in the country than this." These are the words of Alfred Wainwright, and how true they are. As you can see the mountain top mist has followed us !!! That peak in front shrouded in mist is Seathwaite Fell. At 1970 feet it is 1240 feet below our destination. It's gonna be FOGGY up there !!! Here i am, swimming again, this time in Styhead Tarn. At 1500 feet more than a hour into the expedition and not even half way up. A stretcher point at about 1600 feet. Let's just hope Pud doesn't need it later. This picture is at about 2900 feet. Believe it or not i am there, on top of the rock, and another 310 feet to go. At last we're there three hours in. Here i am officially the highest dog in the country at 3210 feet. On the descent just time for a swim in the wonderfully named Sparkling Tarn. A six hour expedition a mighty achievement for man or dog.


A lighter day planned today before the real expedition of climbing Scafel Pike tommorrow, the largest mountain in the country. A short drive to Portingscale and a walk along the River Derwent. Clearly seen is the flood damage done in this years floods.
Here is an old railway bridge probably closed by Beecher, but washed away sometime between then and now. Thank goodness the weather hasn't washed away all the bridges. Our ultimate goal today is Dodd Wood. Which overlooks lake Bassenthwaite. Which, for you trivia buffs, is the only lake in lakeland. All the other bodies of water being tarn's, water,s and mere's. The real reason for walking through this woodland is the ospreys. Protected by law a nesting pair live in this woodland, guarded day and night, but also filmed. Check out http://www.ospreywatch.co.uk/. A beautiful creature that feeds on fish from the lake. Just an idea of the size here i am infront of a lifesize image. A bird with the same size body as me with a wingspan of 6ft. Thank goodness they only eat fish !!! Just to give you an idea of size here's a nest.

Sunday, 25 July 2010


As you can see a wet, wet start. But, as they say, there is no such thing as inappropriate weather, just innappropriate clothing !!

That's where we are heading. First up a fell called Boardale Hause.

A quick look back to Ullswater from Boaredale Hause, look at the clouds in the distance.

Posing on top of Boaredale Hause.

Looking down to Brothers Water down to the right.

After climbing up the Hause it's onto Angle Tarn Peaks. Then a cooling swim in Angle Tarn. With it's two islets makes it unusual in Lakeland and one of the best.

Looking down Martindale Valley that far ridge dusted in cloud is where we are heading. HIGH STREET.

So named because the Romans built a road there. Here i am in front of Kidsty Pike, the highest point of the coast to coast walk i did last year.

But this year, instead of going over the top of Kidsty Pike and out of Lakeland, it's a left turn and on High Street. As you can see a flat hill top, you can see why the Romans chose this ridge to build a road.

The intrepid explorers.......... "I KNOW WHERE WE ARE" !!!

At the end of High Street this is where we are heading, Pooley Bridge, at the opposite end of Ullswater to Glenridding
At Pooley Bridge it's a steamer journey to Glenridding aboard the majestic "Lady of the Lake" originally launched in 1877

Friday, 11 June 2010


On holiday again in beautiful Lakeland. "Surely there is no other place in this whole wonderful world quite like Lakeland, no other so exquisitely lovely, no other so charming. "
Day one Sun 6th June. We decide to tackle Helvellyn at 3118 feet the 3rd highest peak in Lakeland. There is no doubt that Helvellyn is climbed more often than any other mountain in the lakes. From our base in Glenridding we climb Birkhouse Moor. This look back down to Glenridding and Ullswater shows how murky the day is.

At the top of Birkhouse Moor comes Striding Edge. The most exhilarating quarter mile in the Lake District. As you can see here mist ascended upon us so lessened the nerves, you knew the cataclysmic drops either side were there but all you could see was cloud.

This is how it really looks, the picture of me above was taken at the far end.

Indeed nerves were more spiked when the first thing you see on climbing the ridge is the monument to Robert Dixon who fell to his death.

Forty Five minutes of balance along the Edge and Helvellyn is defeated.

Unless there is a dog on Scafell or Scafell Pike i am the highest dog in England, but if not Scafell Pike is Wednesdays challenge. A descent down Nethermost Pike a leg pounding walk only cooled by a dip in Grisedale Tarn.

After that another mountain St Sunday Crag at 2756 feet stands in the way of the intrepid explorers and the pub.

Saturday, 5 June 2010


1997 - 2010


Monday, 26 April 2010


My favourite time of year is again upon us. Cricket Season. Every weekend to be spent in glorious sunshine at Denby Cricket Field. Here i am in front of the brand new GORDON PICKFORD PAVILION


This is my friend Dotty the Labradoodle or is she a poodle !!! Once as fluffy as a sheep skin rug, now clipped to within an inch of her life !!!


Loz had a mad idea to do a reverse bungee for charity, so Pud and myself decided to walk to Barnsley to watch her. So from Denby it's a walk down fields to Netherend Up to Denby Hall Farm then turn right and head toward Deffer Wood. Note the Pheasant feeders, filled with food to make sure game birds are nice and fat ready for the boy's with their guns !!!
Here i am walking through Deffer wood then you just walk across fields staying parallel to Barnsley Road to Cawthorne Park, through Cawthorne Park past the cricket field meeting the main road at the far side of Cawthorne.From there it's about a mile and a half to watch Lauren do this, one word springs to mind NUTS!!!!

Thursday, 25 March 2010


Pud has a day off work, which always means a good walk. Today his pals from work are taking Sid the Labradoodle and Abraham the Bassett to Langsett Reservoir, so we just say we'll meet them there, so it's O.S. map out and off we go....
First it's down by Gunthwaite top farm following Barnsley Boundary Walk signs.

Then at Ingbirchworth we follow the Penistone Boundary Walk signsUp past the windmillsThrough Bullhouse Mill over the river donWhen you get to the main Manchester road it's a road walk straight to the picturesque Langsett Reservoir
Then it's a walk round the res with the gang, here we are me on the left Sid on the right, and the highly UN - trained and UN - responsive Abraham in the middle

Not sure what Sid is thinking he's doing to Abraham !!! Even less sure what Danny ( that's him on the right ) is finding so funny !!!