Saturday, 10 October 2009


These are the pictures of me that were used at the cricket dinner, here i am fetching a ball that's been hit for six.

Denby bowlers are that bad, i called in reinforcements.
Lost the ball, but found this dodgy character.
Newest addition to the family, this is little Sid, yes another of the famous Labradoodle family.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Another day off, another good long walk. First port of call, Gunthwaite Dam. Amuch enjoyable 30 mins swimming a couple of black labs, Molly and Ashley along with about 150 canadian geese. Also learnt a new trick of diving in off the pier, FUN. Then it's onto Lady Joan's to meet up with Dotty the labradoodle. This is Dotty just look at her mop of curly hair. This is the first picture of all three of us together. Dotty, Poppy and myself.Looking at this one you wouldn't believe they were sisters.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


This one took me by surprise. This is my new neighbour, Poppy, she is the newest member of the club. A Labradoodle belonging to Simon and Clare, and doubtless being terrorised by Emily and Sam.

Here she is whispering to me, "They think I'm cute now, wait until i start peeing and pooing everywhere !!".

Monday, 5 October 2009


Well he's having a few days off work, so him, Cracker and myself do a couple of legs of the Kirklees Way. This was Crackers f irst attempt at long distance walking, approximately 13 miles, let's say she passed with flying colours, but i bet she slept well when she got home. This is a boundary marker found in Yew Tree Wood between Shelley and Shepley.
This is a way marker specially designed for the Kirklees Way, erected at Jenkyn Lane, Shepley by Chris Campbell in 2002.

A view of Fulstone from above Shepley, clearly seen are old strip field systems, dating back hundreds of years when open land was enclosed by by act of Parliament, in fact i think it was called Enclosure Act.
You see the strangest thing, a Russian tank in someones garden, cold war started again ???
This is a view down to Meal Hill at Hepworth, built by Henry Jackson in the seventeenth century. He moved to Totties after an outbreak of plague in Hepworth yet the Muppet returned on a regular basis, so he built the bridge over the river, which is where the name Jackson Bridge is believed to have originated.
Lunch time, Cracker and myself having lunch in Morton Wood between Hepworth and Holme

This is Cracker reading directions above Holme Styes Reservoir, at another specially created Kirklees Way way marker called the 'Three Arches'

Then finally five and a half hours later a place we know well Digley Res, well done to Cracker, who knows next time he might take us even further !!!