Wednesday, 15 July 2009


A pleasant walk with my good friend Cracker the Bedlington.
Now apparently Cracker can't swim, which makes following me into Digley Res a daft thing to do !!
But worry not, you Bedlington lovers, it turns out Cracker can swim, well she got out on her own anyway, he she is looking like a drowned rat. After walking up to Holme village there's a view of Holme Moss just above us and below a view down Holme Valley. A quick swim in Ridingwood Res, now if anyone is reading this from Yorkshire Water, i had to scale a 12 foot sheer wall to achieve this, any chance of dog friendly reservoirs. Then it's a look back across the valley to where we began in the distance Digley and ultimately where we are heading.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


As i mentioned at the end of the Coast to Coast trek there is beauty just outside your own house. A quick walk down to Denby Dale and we see the commanding sight of the railway viaduct treversing the Dearne Valley, with a magnificent 21 arches it was built in 1877 by Naylor Brothers for £27,650 in todays money that's £2,253,617.53. Sound's cheap !!

Then it's on Barnsley Road past the Weslyan Reform Chapel, 1908, past the Dunkirk, 1840, left up Dry Hill Lane past Tenter House Farm. Named after the posts that were once used to stretch newly woven cloth, fixed to the posts by tenter hooks which is where we get the expression 'to be on tenter hooks'.Sadly though it's a sign of mordern farming times that it is no longer a working farm but has been modified into houses.

Next is Dry Hill Farm where the most recent Denby Dale Pie was held in 2000. 212 years after the first.

Then beautiful countryside looking toward Broad Wood between Lower Denby and Gunthwaite.Of course i can't do a blog without a picture of me, here i am crossing Flat Wood Dike going back to Lower Denby.Another sign of modern farming times, here i am walking from Board Wood to Flat Wood through an open field, walking along a line where Hedgerow once grew.