Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Here we are dipping our feet in the Irish sea, and at the official starting point. Just another 190 plus miles to go. AND IT'S HOT HOT HOT. From the beach (sea level !!) it's up and along the cliff for miles up to the lighthouse 310 feet up. Built in 1866 and visible for 25 miles so if you still crash on the rocks, then you've had too many shandy's at the George. Now have a look at this, when i say walking on the cliff edge i mean cliff edge i hope he doesn't throw a ball down there for me to fetch !
From there it's on to Cleator, and look what I've found - it's Cleator cricket field, and to get to it you have to go up Wainwright's Passage... strange. From there it's up Dent, our first real hill, and our first real casualty. Dent is 1130 feet above sea level, i made it easy, Pud puffing like an old man. Casualty Julia - oh dear, sun, exercise and she's sick everywhere. We managed to drag her Ennerdale Bridge, where myself and the very kind people at Low Cock How Farm are nursing her while Pud and Martin go to the pub.

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