Thursday, 4 June 2009


So from Rosthwaite it's another climb up another valley. This time it's up Greenup Gill passing the impressive Eagle Crag ( 1650 ft ) on the right.

On and on and Eagle Crag loses it's fierce aspect when it is over topped when we reach Lining Crag and Greenup Edge at 2000 feet ( remember the stairs )
Then it's a ridge walk, the traverse of high sky lines connecting neighbouring summits. The first being Calf Crag. Here we are atop at 1762 feet looking down Far Easedale.

Then it's on to Gibson's Knott at 1379 feet. Then finally up to Helm Crag, also known as the Lion and the Lamb due to the rocky formations at it's peak.

And at 1299 feet i'm on top of the world. Top dog looking down on Grasmere.

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Simon said...

Andrew: great fun watching your progress - I'm jealous too. And didn't I warn you about Dent hill? Exactly the same thing happened to me. I hope you avoid tomorrow's rain - simon