Friday, 12 June 2009


A short day just 11 miles, and nothing really new. Head off down the Swale banking, branching off up hill, for more extensive views of the valley. Only point of any real history on this leg is Marrick Priory.
Built around 1200 and, yes you guessed it, dismantled by Henry VIII's henchmen. Then it's woodland paths
followed by the usual buttercup filled meadows occupied by flocks of sheep and lambs.Then on entering Richmond a reminder of our goal.
Not that we need it. Day off in Richmond tomorrow. Not more R & R it nearly killed him last time !?!?!

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Anonymous said...

I see you didn't take a picture of the best pub in Richmond.. The Talbot.. twenty pound a night! Bargain! I take it the rest of the walk went well for you? Love to Pip. Lucy (Pip's Doncaster admirer) =)