Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Perhaps yesterday i was a little harsh on Westmorland. Undulating moor land as far as the eye can see, only broken by the dotting of white sheep and the fast approaching Pennines. True remote english countryside. Then look who we should run into ? Only a couple of working border collies. Looks too much like hard work to me. One thing that does stand out is the miles and miles of slendidly built dry stone walls, built generations ago, an art dying out and sadly being replaced by the practical yet far less attractive stock fencing. Here i am running downto Smardale Bridge exactly 78 miles in to the journey. This is a picture of an old lime kiln, used to burn limestone to create lime for use in building mortar or agriculture. Here's a mound of earth known locally as Giants Graves. So if giants can't make it to Robin Hood's Bay, Robin Hood can't make it to Robin Hood's Bay, what chance have we ? Tomorrow the Pennines, then the Yorkshire, God's Own County.


Anonymous said...

where is Westorland

Simon said...

Glad you cheered them up, Pip. But it does get boring after the Pennines for a bit. You'll be teaching us about leadmining soon - is the nice Mr Wainwright guiding you?

Joanne said...

Hi pip, we are watching you here from across the atlantic in Canada & think you are doing a great job keeping those humans on the right track, Joanne.