Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Leaving Eden valley behind us it's a long climb up the Pennines.
Six miles of steady climb aiming up to what's known as Nine Standards at the very peak of the Pennines at 2170 ft.
If your wondering what size they are, here we are at the summit looking west.
Apparently no one knows the origins but they are at least 200 years old. But in the words of Wainwright "The attainment of Nine Standards is an occasion for celebration, if you are carrying a can of beer prepare to drink it now". The main difference here all the rivers and streams so far have flowed to the Irish Sea, west, from here they flow to the North Sea, east. Fro here on we are going "with the tide". Boggy peat moor land means water has a rather brown tint rather than the crystal clear lakeland variety.
Here i am by some Grouse Butts.
On further investigation at the local farmhouse, some interesting information for the George shooting fraternity. All this moorland was once owned by a Lord Peel, he sold up the whole Gunnerside Estate, some 32000 acres to a yank called Robert Miller. To grouse shoot on the glorious 12th.... £30,000 per day !!!

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