Thursday, 4 June 2009


This blog is a day late due to the fact that in the lovely valley of Borrowdale you do not get reception for phones, computers or radio. Today's walk was as close to dog heaven as you get. The worst bit, road walking, out of the way in the first hour then two miles of the crystal clear waters of Ennerdale ( not Emmerdale ). This is then followed by a 5 miles forest walk along the banks of the river Liza, with water so clear it could be coming out of a tap. Then at the Black Sail Hut, the loneliest and most romantic of youth hostels, looking at the mountains all round, some even in cloud on a clear day. Then a climb and what a climb. 2000 feet up Loft Beck. To put that in to context that's like going up your stairs 200 times, why don't you try it !!! But when you get to the top, WHAT A VIEW. Then it's on and on to the old slate mines at Honister. Here i am on the ruins of the old drum house that used to pull the trams carrying the slate down these old tramway. Then it's down to Rosthwaite to rest my aching paws.

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