Monday, 1 June 2009


Well arrived in St. Bees safely, named after some Irish bird called Bega. She came to these fine shores to escape an arranged marriage to some Norwegian prince. She approached Lord Egremont for some land for a convent, Egremont promised her all the land covered by snow the next day, the next day being midsummer's day, clever fellow !!! Miraculously snow did fall that day and St. Bega got her convent. Luck of the Irish i guess !!
This is the Priory Church built at the same location. Originally a Benedictine Monastery until Henry VIII fancied a divorce and shut it down in the reformation of 1539. Left to the elements until the 17th century restoration. Some interesting features still remain, notably the west doorway erected in 1150, a splendid example of red sandstone Norman architecture.

However, by far the best thing - BEACH. Here i am swimming in the ice cool Irish Sea, but see the cliff behind, that's the start of the walk tomorrow and my next sea dip will be in the ice cool North Sea at Robin Hood's Bay.


Simon said...

Andrew: well done! It's a great walk. I remember (30 years ago. . .) getting dehydrated on a very hot day, going up Dent Hill, which I think you'll be doing tomorrow. Cheers, Simon

Anonymous said...

no post van, whats it like to be waking! hope martin doesn't snore, well done pip