Thursday, 16 April 2009


Walking with new friends, this is Gizmo and i, or is it Gizmo and me, or is it me and Gizmo. Anyway we're running around up by the windmills, or is that wind turbines. This English language is hard work.
This is at Scout Dike Reservoir. That's me taking a dip, in the foreground there's Gizmo, the Border Terrier, that's Border Terrier not Border Collie, as you can see they don't look a bit like me. The other Border Terrier is called Blue, apparently because of the colour of her fur !!! It looks black and tan to me, thick humans. The other creature in the foreground must be a fat beached whale. I didn't realise they had whales in Scout Dike !! I hope they don't eat Collies.

Here he is look, what a fat beast of an animal, waiting to cross the railway line. But look, take a closer look at that sign ...

Whose in charge of this beastly animal, i wonder if Collies are allowed to phone the signalman, if the train runs into him it'll make an awful mess... and who would pay to replace the wrecked train !!!

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