Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Here's a walk for you, but don't worry it's not really 18 miles, and here's why. Here i am at Denby Dale train station. Yeah I'm a cheat, but still first train journey. and here it is,
here i am on the train, all that banging and clattering, just like being in Pud's car really !!

Once we arrive at Brockholes and set off on the 6 mile march up through Farnley Tyas to Castle Hill and back we have to cross this railway bridge. 3 tons, it's a good Peter the Scout Dike beached whale hasn't joined us this week !!

View looking back over Brockholes

Now this is where the idiot took us the wrong way, i wanted to go up to the left, he wanted to go up to the right. He called me right so, being the obedient pet, followed him. Needless to say we ended up top left. A whole bloody hour later. Didn't bother me but he was blowing a bit.

The lovely Farnley Tyas church. After wandering around lost for an hour, i think he was looking for some divine intervention

First view of Castle Hill from Farnley Tyas, that last bit looks a bit steep, I'm not sure he'll make it !!

The walk up to the Castle is the best, yet hardest part of the walk, but when you get there the resulting views are worth the effort.

As always the worst part of any walk is the walk home. It maybe mainly downhill, but when your waiting for the homeward train, it's a good time to rest.

Thursday, 16 April 2009


Walking with new friends, this is Gizmo and i, or is it Gizmo and me, or is it me and Gizmo. Anyway we're running around up by the windmills, or is that wind turbines. This English language is hard work.
This is at Scout Dike Reservoir. That's me taking a dip, in the foreground there's Gizmo, the Border Terrier, that's Border Terrier not Border Collie, as you can see they don't look a bit like me. The other Border Terrier is called Blue, apparently because of the colour of her fur !!! It looks black and tan to me, thick humans. The other creature in the foreground must be a fat beached whale. I didn't realise they had whales in Scout Dike !! I hope they don't eat Collies.

Here he is look, what a fat beast of an animal, waiting to cross the railway line. But look, take a closer look at that sign ...

Whose in charge of this beastly animal, i wonder if Collies are allowed to phone the signalman, if the train runs into him it'll make an awful mess... and who would pay to replace the wrecked train !!!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Look like Pud's found a long lost folder on the old computer. You see, he had to train me early on the art of retrieving cricket balls. This is due to the fact that he is rubbish at cricket. When he's balling he gets hit out of the field ALL THE TIME. "Pip go find my ball in that field", "Pip go find my ball in this field". It's not that i mind but will someone tell him how bad he is !! There is one thing though i was a bloody cute pup.

Monday, 6 April 2009


Well what a small world, Upper Denby to Pugneys, 2 weeks running he better take me somewhere different next week, and we bump into more Denbiers. Kevin and Ruth.

Adoptive grandparents of young Freddie Marsh MallinsonNo, not marsh mallow, Marsh MallinsonWhile your all looking at young Freddie, any chance of someone throwing a tennis ball for me ?


Yes a quote from a programme named after one of the canine greats - SCOOBY DOO. Those meddling kids, you know what it's like, you've been out for a good run, chasing tennis balls on a beautiful, alluring spring day. A return to Pickford towers, tongue drooping, it's time to retire, recline and rest. You know what it's like your just nodding off, your somewhere between awake and dreaming of running through bluebell filled spring fields when SNAP !! The meddling kids have found the camera and thought it would be fun to stick it up my snout !
Just let me sleep, i'm dog tired !I wonder if Pud will miss a child if i eat one.Now they're getting right up my nose.Maybe if i hide under a cushion ?Maybe just turning my back on them.