Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Good morning, good afternoon or good evening. Just a quick blog today as a word of warning to all you dogs that listen to their masters voice intently as i do. Every thing he says i do and as a true loving pet i try to make him happy when he's a bit down, that way he'll go out and play for a while. Everyone's a winner.... Or so i thought. Regular away he comes home moaning about S**T at work. Well what am i to think. S**T this, S**T that, S**T the other, so the other day his mum drops me off at his work to meet him, so we can walk back home. So into his work i trot pleased to see him and thought, you know 'WORK', 'S**T', so as soon as his back's turned i did. Apparently i got him in BIG trouble because his boss Richard "Stretch" Calvert had to clean it up. So word of warning to all you dogs, don't take everything they say literally !!! And here's sorry to Richard, but a word of advice, health and safety... GET A SIGN RICHARD !!!!!

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