Sunday, 8 March 2009


The first great tip to any young pup in a new house, always sort out sleeping arrangements. First of all, be cute, cuddly, affectionate, lovable and playful, then they basically let you sleep where you want. Here's my first attempt at finding a bed to doze. As you can see it wasn't the best choice ! You'd think with a new dog they would get bedding considerably large enough for me to stretch out on.
If it's not big enough to sleep on, i wonder if i can eat it ?So that wasn't the most comfortable of choices. Let's see if shoes for pillows work............... NOPE !!Now this is more like it, a bed fit for royalty, look at all the bedding, apparently a bed this luxurious is called an ironing pile... WHATEVER !

Cuddling up with the eldest child, Lauren, is always a favourable choice, especially when she's dressed in a Barnsley shirt.

Oh yeah baby this is it. Pudsey and me dreaming of open fields, heather covered moors, sun soaked hills and swimming in cool cold crystal waters.

Another valuable lesson learnt here, however, never sleep with your nose up another dogs arse.

Lazy days Pudsey !!!

Who put this pillow here ?

My first ever game of cricket and i get stuck with the gormless looking idiot, well i guess when your tired you'll sleep anywhere.

Back home, and when all said and done, there's nothing more comfy then cuddling up to Pudsey bear.

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