Sunday, 8 March 2009


So moving on to the next chapter, Pud with knees that crack louder than a lion tamers whip, and ankles that groan like tree branches grinding together in a strong wind decides long walks will be fun. Well they're fun for me i'll give him that much. It also seemed a good idea to some other Denbiers thus was founded THE DENBY WALKING CLUB.
Back row L to R DAWN "auntie" COOPER, today was her debut with a new baby, Cracker the bedlington terrior. It looks more like a pan scourer than a dog, but it does the job of keeping Dawn company while Jason's keeping the George beer stocks low.
Next is SIMON "part time d.i.y. man" MALLINSON. Next to him is CLARE "the bastard will have a part-time something else if he doesn't finish d.i.y. he started" MALLINSON. Yes you've guessed it, the nagging wife.
Then there's STEVE "I take care of pissed up Joan" SCOTT. Followed by JOAN "I can't get served in Witherspoon's because i'm pissed, then i fall off trains" SCOTT.
Then front row me, of course, the star of the show. CHARLIE "she fell over" RHODES. SAMUEL PERCY "my feet hurt" MALLINSON and finally but by no means least EMILY "she also fell over" MALLINSON.
Oh dear, talking of falling over. Get up Dawn this simply isn't the weather to be lying down on the job !!

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