Tuesday, 31 March 2009


A glorious spring day at Pugneys Country Park, a two mile walk with swimming opportunities all the way round.A view up to Sandal Castle, that's me bottom left.
That's Emley Moor Mast in the distance, and that's me in the foregrond, shaking off every last drop of water as i emerge from yet another dip.

Every dog has it's day, so they say, well this is as near to mine as it gets.

Ah, team huddle !!
Look here come the team on Pugney's Light Railway.

Look there go the team on Pugney's Light Railway. I'll meet you by the Ice Cream Van.


This is a lovely short walk around Digley and Bilberry reservoirs. Only trouble is, you have to get in the car to get there. I'd walk it myself but it's about nine miles via tarmac and i hate roads !!! Park up at the car park / stroke picnic area and simply walk round, perhaps even taking a luxurious dip in the fresh cool water, beautiful.
This is Digley Res from above, apparently built in 1952, and easier to get to for a swim than bilberry.

This is the view down Digley Res from the dam between Digley and Bilberry, note how easy access is, throw a tennis ball in here i'll fetch it.

The view across Bilberry, looking up Marsden Clough, and the hills of Good Bent End. I wonder where the hell they got that name ! Bilberry was built in 1840 and in it's history has been burst twice in 1852 and 1944, killing a total of 84 people. A pillar in Holmfirth town centre and a plaque at the Elephant and Castle show how high the flood waters reached. Note the fencing at the bottom of the picture, if he throws be a tennis ball in here he's fetching the bloody thing himself !!

This is the view down towards Holmbridge, note the steep banking, although there is strictly no access to people, chasing a tennis ball down here is great fun, yet bringing the bugger back is a tow, especially when i do the lousy bugger throws it back down again.

This is it, last view across Digley toward Bilberry, on the way back to the car. At only one and a half miles it is by no stretch of the imagination a long walk, but with lovely surroundings, plenty of swimming and a few chases up and down the dam banking it certainly feels longer.

Friday, 20 March 2009


Now here's one for all those that attend Denby Dale Working Men's Club on a Sunday morning. You know it's 11 o'clock, where's Jason ! Is he ill ? Is he on holiday ? Has he become a casualty of some cowardly crime ? No the truth is alot more geeky. He dons his wellies and goes wandering, roaming and ramling, and, yes, doesn't he look a gormless. So if your in the Club, he's nowhere to be seen, he's not answering his phone.... just call the Ramblers Association !!


Now don't get me wrong, i just love spending hours in the great outdoors, whether it's walking, chasing tennis balls, cricket, whatever. But sometimes you see the strangest things. Dogs with stupid grins

Dogs who look like their owners

Dogs with long tongues
But out walking the other day, going through Denby rec, what did i see before me, did my eyes deceive, could it possibly be true, only Mr. part-time d.i.y. man himself, doing a bit of part-time d.i.y. Don't get used to it Clare it'll soon rain and wash it clean off !!!!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Good morning, good afternoon or good evening. Just a quick blog today as a word of warning to all you dogs that listen to their masters voice intently as i do. Every thing he says i do and as a true loving pet i try to make him happy when he's a bit down, that way he'll go out and play for a while. Everyone's a winner.... Or so i thought. Regular away he comes home moaning about S**T at work. Well what am i to think. S**T this, S**T that, S**T the other, so the other day his mum drops me off at his work to meet him, so we can walk back home. So into his work i trot pleased to see him and thought, you know 'WORK', 'S**T', so as soon as his back's turned i did. Apparently i got him in BIG trouble because his boss Richard "Stretch" Calvert had to clean it up. So word of warning to all you dogs, don't take everything they say literally !!! And here's sorry to Richard, but a word of advice, health and safety... GET A SIGN RICHARD !!!!!

Sunday, 8 March 2009


So moving on to the next chapter, Pud with knees that crack louder than a lion tamers whip, and ankles that groan like tree branches grinding together in a strong wind decides long walks will be fun. Well they're fun for me i'll give him that much. It also seemed a good idea to some other Denbiers thus was founded THE DENBY WALKING CLUB.
Back row L to R DAWN "auntie" COOPER, today was her debut with a new baby, Cracker the bedlington terrior. It looks more like a pan scourer than a dog, but it does the job of keeping Dawn company while Jason's keeping the George beer stocks low.
Next is SIMON "part time d.i.y. man" MALLINSON. Next to him is CLARE "the bastard will have a part-time something else if he doesn't finish d.i.y. he started" MALLINSON. Yes you've guessed it, the nagging wife.
Then there's STEVE "I take care of pissed up Joan" SCOTT. Followed by JOAN "I can't get served in Witherspoon's because i'm pissed, then i fall off trains" SCOTT.
Then front row me, of course, the star of the show. CHARLIE "she fell over" RHODES. SAMUEL PERCY "my feet hurt" MALLINSON and finally but by no means least EMILY "she also fell over" MALLINSON.
Oh dear, talking of falling over. Get up Dawn this simply isn't the weather to be lying down on the job !!


The first great tip to any young pup in a new house, always sort out sleeping arrangements. First of all, be cute, cuddly, affectionate, lovable and playful, then they basically let you sleep where you want. Here's my first attempt at finding a bed to doze. As you can see it wasn't the best choice ! You'd think with a new dog they would get bedding considerably large enough for me to stretch out on.
If it's not big enough to sleep on, i wonder if i can eat it ?So that wasn't the most comfortable of choices. Let's see if shoes for pillows work............... NOPE !!Now this is more like it, a bed fit for royalty, look at all the bedding, apparently a bed this luxurious is called an ironing pile... WHATEVER !

Cuddling up with the eldest child, Lauren, is always a favourable choice, especially when she's dressed in a Barnsley shirt.

Oh yeah baby this is it. Pudsey and me dreaming of open fields, heather covered moors, sun soaked hills and swimming in cool cold crystal waters.

Another valuable lesson learnt here, however, never sleep with your nose up another dogs arse.

Lazy days Pudsey !!!

Who put this pillow here ?

My first ever game of cricket and i get stuck with the gormless looking idiot, well i guess when your tired you'll sleep anywhere.

Back home, and when all said and done, there's nothing more comfy then cuddling up to Pudsey bear.